WEBSUMMIT 2022 Lisbon

WebSummit 2022 in Lisbon welcomed 71.033 attendees from 160 countries. Most of the presented companies are "start ups", companies in the initial stage of development and looking for investors. This is one of the central objectives of the event: to help put in contact, on the one hand, those who have projects and ideas, but need investment, and, on the other hand, those who have money to invest and are looking for good opportunities to monetize that capital.

In the spotlight, as always, were multiple conferences on different stages and formats, total around 1.000 speakers, including Brad Smith - the president of Microsoft, and Changpeng Zhao - the Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur who founded and leads Binance, the cryptocurrency giant.

Among the Portuguese speakers were several political leaders, such as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, António Costa, Carlos Moedas, Fernando Medina, in addition to other figures from different sectors, from the outset leaders of large companies such as the executive president of TAP, the president of GALP, the CEO of EDP.

WebSummit’s educational content, informative masterclasses, and innovative roundtables are giving valuable skills to attendees. WebSummit “attracts a diverse list of world-class speakers and facilitates content that inspires and empowers attendees.”

Tickets for WebSummit 2023 are already available on the official website of summit.