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Our datascience service that includes several workshop sessions with a complete model training & evaluation for one business case

Empower your business with artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence services can help you empower your business with solutions for computer vision and/or Natural Language Processing, achieving bigger automation

AiTecServ at Portugal SmartCities Summit

AiTecServ's participation at SmartCities Summit 2022 in Lisbon where we presented our solutions and models for flood and fire detections.

How we work

Build a successful business

AiTecServ can help you figure out and achieve your goals using latest technologies which include automation and artificial intelligence.


Professional Consulting

We offer exceptional consultancy services using artificial intelligence tools to bring a remarkable transformation in your organization which helps grow your business and achieve preset objectives.


Proven Experience

With more than 20 years of proven experience, added by presentations at various international academic conferences related to Machine Learning and Data Mining, we make sure that your business achieves its goals.



We specialize in providing analytical ecosystem solutions using both, traditional and new digital era tools, to provide intelligent solutions that improve your decision making process.


Strategic Planning

We help our customers determine their vision for the future and identify organizational goals and objectives including their sequence of actions through proper strategic planning and forecasting.



With time, we have developed strategic partnerships with various channels that help us deliver the most appropriate and applicable solution on time to each business case.



We use advanced technologies including artificial intelligence and cloud security solutions to implement 24/7 monitoring to detect, disrupt and eradicate any type of direct and indirect threats targeting your organization.


Holistic Vision

We offer consultancy services for strategic development of analytical ecosystems that help you process all generated digital data to accomplish preset goals and for revising business methods and practices to deliver better and precise results.


Data Science

We use research based methodical Data Mining and Machine Learning approaches to generate algorithms from structured and unstructured data to gain meaningful insights, helping to establish clear vision.

Welcome to our consulting services

Do you feel that your business is not making progress towards your goals? Are you looking to determine precise goals to implement a successful and profitable business? AiTecServ can help you figure out and achieve your goals using latest technology that includes automation and artificial intelligence. Our wide range of consultancy services includes:

  • Analytical Ecosystem Strategic Management Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence

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