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First class business solutions

Having years of practical knowledge and in-field work experience, we can help your business reach new achievments using the following services.


Strategic Consulting

With our deep knowledge and experience, we help you to develop a long term view of your processes, procedures and tools that help your organization on conducting high-level resolutions and thereby improving your performance.


Project Management

We offer consultancy services in project management, with traditional, Agile or Hybrid approach. We use a daily focus on verification and adaptation to result in bigger optimization and success achieving the expected outcomes.


Data science

Development of CRISP-DM methodology and Machine Learning supported data science projects, which allows the discovery of patterns or trends in the market, in internal processes, in customers or entities with which it relates.


Artificial Intelligence

Development of solutions that to treat structured or unstructured information that boosts decision-making ability. These solutions use computer vision techniques (video and/or image) of natural language processing (synthesized or natural).


Data Augmentation

Our data augmentation services amplify the data available in diverse forms for various models without actually collecting new data. This technique helps save time and budget and plays a vital role in the machine learning models.



We offer data warehouse services, that is used as a main entity for business intelligence systems, by implementing the data models and the ETL processes (Extract, Transform & Load), ensuring quality and uniformization.


Data Lakes

Data lake concept allows us to safeguard enormous amount of raw data under a flat architecture in its native format till it is required. Our services help you to design and implement solutions that can handle any type and amount of data - structured, semi-structured(e.g logs) or non-structured(e.g sound)


Data Visualization

A picture speaks more than a thousand words and so does data visualization. Our visualization services represent data as charts, diagrams, pictures, etc. that makes even the most complex information easy to understand and analyze thus saving on time and budget. This should ideally be based on a datawarehouse.


Master Data Management

IT and business work hand in hand resulting in consistency and perfection of the shared master data assets. Our services can help to define strategies and implement solutions to develop a single view of data and avoids expensive inefficiencies thereby supporting your business initiatives.