Trends in Cloud Datawarehouse.

As businesses do cloud migration, they are moving away from their old on-premises data warehousing technologies, to these new cloud data platforms. The transformation is a huge shift in data management and has profound implications for businesses.

Businesses require a strong knowledge of cloud architectures, data lakes, storage options, and cloud subscription models to make technology choices.

Cloud data warehouse solution providers have integrated data science and analytic tools hosted directly inside of their data warehouse offerings. Companies shifting towards the cloud must consider these trends:

-iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) for Integration.

-NoSQL for Big Data.

-Data Marts For Quick Data Access.

-Column-Storage For Advanced Analytical Query.

-DW Automation for Deploying Code.

The cloud migration of data warehouses brings all the benefits of cloud-like agility, cost, effectiveness, scalability, and performance. With cloud data warehouse automation, your team can quickly keep up with new infrastructure and migration projects and increase development and operations capabilities. This is the best way to maximize your organization’s return on cloud investment.