A novel approach to creating tailored odors and fragrances using ML.

Scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology instead of predicting the smell from molecular data, developed the method which predicts molecular features based on the odor impression. This is achieved using standard mass spectrum data and machine learning models. ML (see concept in our library/Machine Learning – General Description)

The mass spectra of odor mixtures is obtained by a linear combination of the mass spectra of single components. This simple method allows for the quick preparation of the predicted spectra of odor mixtures and can also predict the required mixing ratio, an important part of the recipe for new odor preparation.

This novel method described in this study can provide highly accurate predictions of the physicochemical properties of odor mixtures, as well as the mixing ratios required to prepare them, thereby opening the door to endless tailor-made fragrances.

It is also interesting for the food, health, beauty, and wellness industries, where odors and fragrances are of keen interest.