Machine learning is helping to park.

New software based on Machine Learning concept that helps drivers find parking spaces will also incentivize drivers to cooperate with local councils in their quest to keep pollution within safe limits in busy urban centers, as part of a far-reaching program designed to reduce toxic air in city centers.

The new project will use the latest AI technology to create services that allow local authorities to analyze vast amounts of data on driver behavior and to better control local travel patterns.

Imagine you are traveling into town on a Thursday morning and without you knowing it, your car is the one engine that triggers the town to go over the allowed pollution level, resulting in a big fine for the local government. Now imagine that instead of this happening, you receive a suggestion to park in another, better place, and you are issued a free parking space. You're also shown a low-traffic route to your free parking space. The whole service would be tailored to your individual needs while also helping towards net-zero objectives.

It will form an intrinsic part of the software development strategy for the future, allowing to expand capabilities and more importantly reduce pollution and manage mobility supply and demand in real-time.