Cloud data warehouses: pros and cons.

Datawarehouses are widely used by organizations of all sizes. Nowadays one of the big decisions for an organization that's looking to deploy a datawarehouse is whether to put it on premises or in the cloud. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.

An enterprise datawarehouse stores data from all of an organization's business operations in a single, centralized platform, which is handling by in-house administrator and IT-team.

A big challenge for on-premises datawarehouses is the need to deploy a hardware and software computing environment.

One of the benefits of a cloud data warehouse is that the vendor assumes responsibility for the underlying architecture.

The cost of deploying and supporting a data warehouse system in an on-premises data center usually will be much higher than renting one from a cloud provider with usage-based payments.

But cloud data warehouses can also pose some challenges to organizations and require changes in IT processes.

Here in the article, there are more details on the pluses and minuses of two approaches in some key areas.