Online Led

SAP Embedded Analytics course

Duration: 40 hours (2 hours per session)
Mode: Instructor led online course
Course Language: English
Course Fee: 600€ (add VAT at the current legal rate)        Special Offer Now Available with 20% discount.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in SAP ABAP programmming

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This program is well suited for any professional that intend to acquire deep knowledge for developing analytical solutions using SAP tools.

{accordion_group} {title}Course Content{/title} {accordion} {head}S/4HANA and S/4HANA embedded analytics introduction{/head} {content} •   Embedded Analytics concepts
•   S/4HANA with or without Embedded Analytics

{accordion} {head}S/4HANA embedded analytics architecture overview{/head} {content} •   Overall Architecture
•   Architecture Components

{accordion} {head}Analytical consumption with:{/head} {content} •   Query Browser
•   Analytical Fiori Apps
•   SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office
•   SAP BusinessObjects Lumira
•   Query Designer
•   KPI Modelling Apps
•   Query Design: ABAP for Eclipse
•   CDS View maintenance: ABAP for Eclipse

{accordion} {head}SAP Best Practices for Analytics with SAP S/4HANA{/head} {content} •   Best Pratices cases

{accordion} {head}SAP Business Warehouse Integration Scenarios{/head} {content} •   Integration cases

{/accordion} {/accordion_group}