Online Led

Machine Learning & Deep Learning for image and video data

Duration: 16 hours (2 hours per session)
Mode: Instructor led online course
Course Language: English
Course Fee: 300€ (add VAT at the current legal rate)        Special Offer Now Available with 20% discount.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Python and mathematics

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This course handles both theoretical and programming and it designed to give you a solid foundation in the most useful aspects of Image Processing and application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in imaging field. Gain hands-on learning in identifying, defining, designing, implementing and monitoring DataScience & AI projects on image and video data.

{accordion_group} {title}Course Content{/title} {accordion} {head}Basics of image processing concepts{/head} {content} • Components, Processes, Tools, Applications, Challenges

{accordion} {head}Image processing algorithms {/head} {content} • Image filtering
• Edge detections
• colour conversion
• Histogram

{accordion} {head}Libraries and frame work for ML and DL on image data{/head} {content} • Opencv
• Pillow
• TensorFlow
• Keras
• Matplotlib
• scikit

{accordion} {head}Popular image datasets {/head} {content} • Will discuss on different publicly available dataset for different ML based image task

{accordion} {head}ML architectures for different use cases on image data {/head} {content} • Image classification
• Image segmentation
• Object detection

{accordion} {head}Deep learning {/head} {content} • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) on images
• CNN model optimization
• CNN Hyperparameters

{accordion} {head}Hands on experience on ML model building on image and video data using Python{/head} {content} • Image classification project
• Video processing

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