Data science and Machine learning using Python

Duration: 24 hours (2 hours per session)
Mode: Instructor led online course
Course Language: English
Course Fee: 400€ (add VAT at the current legal rate)        Special Offer Now Available with 20% discount.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Python and mathematics

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This program is well suited for both beginners or experienced developers looking to understand the area of Data Science, but also, to scientists eager to apply their knowledge through Python programming. In this course you will get a comprehensive understanding of Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence concepts both in technical and business applications. Gain hands-on learning in identifying, defining, designing, implementing and monitoring Data Science projects.

Course Content

•   Components, Processes, Tools, Applications, Challenges
•   Different analytical strategies to produce insights and predictions from information
•   Different data type study from Machine Learning perspective
•   What is Machine Learning
•   Difference between traditional programming and Machine Learning
•   When and where Machine Learning Algorithms can be used?
•   Different Techniques for model optimization
•   Preventing Overfitting
•   Introduction to neural network
•   Supervised learning
•   Unsupervised learning
•   Classification
       . Decision tree
       . Support vector machine
•   Regression
       . Linear regression
       . Logistic Regression
•   Clustering
       . K-means
       . clustering Gaussian mixture model
•   Write and execute code in Python
•   Free Cloud service with free GPU
•   Import/Save notebooks from/to Google Drive
•   TensorFlow
•   Scikit-learn
•   Keras
•   Pandas
•   Matplotlib
•   Numpy
•   Opencv
•   Data Pre-processing and visualization
•   Will work with EDA in Python using any of the popular dataset.
•   Iris dataset classification
•   Sales Prediction
•   Customer Segmentation
•   Image classification
•   Sentiment analysis