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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for business leaders

Duration: 6 hours (3 hours per session)
Mode: Presencial
Course Language: English or Portuguese
Course Fee: 220€ (add VAT at the current legal rate)        Special Offer Now Available with 20% discount.
Minimum Participants: 4
Prerequisites: No Prerequirements needed

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This program is ideal for business leaders and managers who are eager to understand fundamental technical terms and concepts around Machine Learning. Mainly focuses on the main concepts and considerations for business that allow you to apply in the strategic decision-making process.

{accordion_group} {title}Course Content{/title} {accordion} {head}Foundation of concepts{/head} {content} • Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Data Science
• Key concepts that differentiate these specific terms and how are they related

{accordion} {head}Types of Data Science{/head} {content} • Descriptive
• Predictive
• Prescriptive Analytics

{accordion} {head}Significance of data{/head} {content} • Types of data
• Insights from data
• Make data in to action

{accordion} {head}How to adapt AI to the organization {/head} {content} • How ML supports different business functions and different verticals
• How to build AI team inside companies
• How can middle size companies adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• How data and ML can be applied on various business problems

{accordion} {head}AI/ML tools and solutions available in market{/head} {content} • Basic Tools
• Discuss on cloud AI/ML solutions for different uses
• Self-service Machine Learning - Benefits and disadvantanges

{accordion} {head}Case studies{/head} {content} • Customer churn
• Customer segmentation
• Price prediction
• Detecting Anomalies
• Sentiment analysis
• Conversational AI
• Image processing


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